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Benefits of Vacuum Metalizing

Vacuum metalizing involves putting metals in a vacuum chamber to form a metalized layer. The procedure is mostly done on aluminum. Vacuum metalizing is used on EMI coating, vapor barriers, metallic finishes, reflective coating and many others places. Metalizing can either be for protective, decorative or functional purposes. To vaporize the coating metal various heating systems are used. Vacuum metalizing is used to make large glass mirrors that are used in telescopes for reflection. It is important to eliminate air in the vacuum chamber to avoid discolouration when metals are heat at high temperatures. For the metal to vaporize you have to set the right temperatures. Lastly there is need to increase the distance which metal travels through space.

Vaccum metalizing is ideal for decorating toys to give them metallic shine. Plastic or metal is used as the base material. The surface is first made smooth without mechanical buffing to give it stunning reflection. The front face is the outside part of the coated metal. This part is usually protected with a transparent vanish because the thin decorative coating is not wear resistant. Second surface coating is the part that is used on the back of the transparent plastic like on dashboards. The exposed plastic part ensures no damage of the important parts. Aluminum is mostly used because of its conductivity, reflectivity and it is stable in air. By adding color on the topcoat vanish it can appear like gold or copper. However other metals such as copper, silver, gold, chromium and cadmium are used. Metalizing of large surfaces is done through an uninterrupted process.

The material is mounted in vacuum chamber and unrolled for coating of one side or either side. It is important to have large volumes of aluminum for evaporation. Vacuum metalizing has been expanded to include thick films. These coatings are corrosion resistant. EMI shielding, RFI shielding, ESD shielding and heat shielding are done through vacuum metalizing. They are affordable and environmentally friendly as opposed to other shielding processes. EMI/RFI shielding can be used in different industries like, telecommunication, electronics, medical, military and many other industries. All metalized plastics can be recycled. When aluminum coating is put in the vacuum chamber it is immediately oxidized. The electrical sensitivity will remain constant after initial exposure.

To ensure plastics and jewelry last for a long time vacuum metalizing is important because of the metallic shine. If you are not sure where to get the best vacuum metalizing service providers, you can view different sites on the internet. Ensure you look at the profile of the company. The experience of the providers will give knowledge and insight about the company’s performance. The ratings and reviews will assist you to choose genuine vacuum metalizing service providers. Check whether the company is flexible to accommodate your requirements. For any further information it is good to contact the service providers.